By Seth A. Richardson, 

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Former Ohio Sen. Nina Turner announced Thursday she would take a leave of absence from her position as president of Our Revolution to serve as co-chair of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign.

Turner, a Democrat, has been a staunch public ally of Sanders, an independent running as a Democrat, since Sanders’ 2016 run for president. As president of Our Revolution, the political group birthed out of Sanders’ 2016 campaign, she’s become a nationally known figure tasked with keeping enthusiasm alive for the 77-year-old Sanders’ political platform.

Progressive activist and former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner says Democrats could do a better job of reaching rural America, warning that the party still has not learned its lessons from the 2016 presidential election.

Turner, president of the nonprofit Our Revolution, which is aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders(I-Vt.), told Hill.TV that she can’t stand when politicians try to talk down to voters, particularly those in rural communities, and called on Democrats to change this kind of rhetoric.

Posted By Tim Hains 
On Date October 29, 2018

On Sunday's edition of CNN's 'State of the Union' panel, Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator and current president of progressive PAC "Our Revolution," suggested anti-Semitism was "in the DNA of America."

In a panel discussion led by Jake Tapper on the shooting Saturday at a Jewish Temple in Pittsburgh, Turner said, "the president is [not] responsible for any individual’s reaction or actions," but "he is responsible for the type of climate that he has created since he started running for president to this very point."

Senator Nina Turner says the new Jim Crow includes intentional efforts to stop Black voters 

Turner's speech on voting rights is the one thing you need to hear today.

By: Natasha S. Alford

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner delivered a fiery speech today in Washington, D.C., at the “Power of the Polls” event calling out voter disenfranchisement as a reinvented form of racism.

“After Reconstruction in 1877, some Jim Crow laws lasted until 1975 on purpose. What was the purpose of Jim Crow? To carry out what the Black codes set in motion, on purpose— not by accident,” Turner said to a crowd at New Bethel Baptist Church.

Nina Turner

President, Our Revolution


Nina Turner is a lifelong Democrat. But she believes the party needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror before it can secure its future.

Turner — a passionate supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and the president of Our Revolution, the political organization initially founded by the senator to push his agenda — said the Democratic Party needs to own up to its mistakes to win back voters to the party.

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